"Every freedom-loving creature on the planet absolutely MUST read >this remarkable book .... For a modest $15, we should all give a >copy to everyone we love. I cannot think of anything I have ever >recommended to anyone as enthusiastically as I endorse this masterpiece."
-Fred Marshall, Jr. from "Truth Attack"

"The Iron Web is an idea whose time has come."
-Tim Wingate from Freedom Shenanigans & High Jinks

"The Iron Web is intended to awaken those who still worship the state. This suspenseful story will grab them and carry them >through to the last page."
-The Roger Sherman Society website

"Larken Rose picks up in this book where Ayn Rand and John Ross left off."
-Jim Davies from "Strike the Root"

"Other reviewers called it a page-turner and I certainly agree. Just last Friday morning I had planned to do some work ... but I made the mistake of starting to read while I had my breakfast...."
-Merlin from "The Magic of Life"

"What a glorious read! It had this middle-aged anarchist cheering."
-Bill St.Clair from "End the War on Freedom"

"A must read: The Iron Web, the best book I have read in a very long time."